A Brief History

Of The Happy Wanderer Community Association

The Indio Springs RV Resort, as it is known today, began with the vision and planning of Stephen and Norriene Breitfeller back in 1972.  Their concept of a first-class country club style RV park was developed and formalized as a recreational vehicle park community in 1977.  With its expansive lawns, winding waterways, clubhouse and amenities, it was recognized with the highest 5 star rating in Woodall’s Travel Trailer Guide.

Since the original vision, the Happy Wanderer, has seen many growth changes. In 1973-74 there were 459 space lots available for “long-term” (two months) and “in- and-outer” campers.  The property’s East wall was a row of tamarisk trees and was known as “pet row” for those visitors with pets.  Each lot had three cement pads, one for trailer, one for vehicle, and one for patio.  Until the fall of 1975, streets & lots were labeled alphabetically and numerically, such as A2, C7, F5, etc.  Mail was delivered to the office where it was hand sorted and placed in individual post office type boxes with exterior access on the East side of the office.

The resort is in the City of Indio, just 23 miles east of Palm Springs.  Our location is considered low desert and is 16 feet below sea level at the NE corner and 28 feet below sea level at the office in the SW corner.  Our land is old sea bottom and covers approximately 31 acres.  Irrigation water is supplied by the Colorado River through a system of aqueducts.  Drinking water comes from the City of Indio.

With incorporation in 1977 and Community Association Bylaws in place, lot spaces became available for purchase.  Owner assessment fees would now assure that year round maintenance costs could be managed as well as growth and development costs covered.  In 1978-79, telephone lines were installed to each lot.  The park hired a night security guard who worked until the entrance gate was added in 1980-81.  According to the new rules, pets were no longer allowed.

The first meeting of the Community Association was held in January 15, 1978.  The last lot sold on March 9, 1980, only 2-1/2 years after sales began.  Today lot owners enjoy their desert homes in trailers, motor homes, and park models.  With passing years, our community has grown to include two fully equipped clubhouses, two swimming pools, extensive amenities and special events – all within expansive lawns and winding waterways.

In 2015, the majority of owners voted to update the name of our community association.  The Indio Springs RV Resort continues to keep the vision of a country club style RV community for resident seasonal enjoyment.