Pickleball Courts


Along with the many amenities offered at Indio Springs RV Resort, Pickleball is probably one of the most popular activities.  New players are always welcome!  Now boasting four newly finished courts, there is room for all levels of competition.  A pickleball court is the same size as a conventional badminton doubles court, with a three foot high net.  Players volley the ball or play it off the bounce and serve it with over-grown ping pong paddles.  Singles or doubles teams can play pickelball although it is most popular as a doubles team play.  It is a combination of tennis and badminton that is gaining popularity with physically active seniors nation-wide.  Athletic prowess and superior strength are not necessary. Pickleball is very similar to Ping Pong in that it is easy to learn, and you can become skilled in a very short time.  The game is mainly shot placement and game strategy, not brute power or strength.  It is a good aerobic activity, but at the same time, it is played on a smaller-sized court than tennis and you don’t have to be running all over for the ball.  You can keep rallies going a lot longer than tennis.  Here at Indio Springs RV Resort, emphasis is on keeping the game fun and social.  Lessons can be provided upon request.